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Who Are We

The Tile Company You Can Count On

From the heart of India's ceramic tile hub, Morbi, Rinisun Tiles emerges as a trusted source for premium quality tiles. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in manufacturing, distributing, and exporting a diverse range of high-quality tiles, providing a one-stop solution for all your tile needs.

Our Future Partners

Tile & Stone Galleries

Enhance your offerings with distinctive, premium-quality tiles sourced directly from manufacturers. Impress your clients and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Tile Importers & Distributors

Eliminate the middleman and achieve substantial cost savings. Forge strong partnerships with dependable manufacturers and secure a competitive advantage.

Construction & Design Experts

Receive high-quality tiles delivered punctually. You focus on building; we'll manage the import logistics.

Perfect Match for Every Surface

Tile Varieties to Suit Your Needs

Discover Our Tile Dimensions: Size Makes a Difference

Packing List

200x300 Wall Tiles5.50 mm1690.96
300x300 Wall Tiles7.50 mm8100.72
300x450 Wall Tiles7.50 mm6110.81
300x600 Wall Tiles9.00 mm514.20.9
600x600 Vitrified Tiles7.5 mm422.51.44
800x800 Vitrified Tiles9.50 mm3411.92
600x600 PORCELAIN TILES8.00 mm4271.44
600x1200 PORCELAIN TILES9.00 mm228.51.44
600x1200 PORCELAIN TILES7.00 mm3322.16
600x1200 PORCELAIN TILES5.00 mm432.52.88
800x800 PORCELAIN TILES9.00 mm3391.92
1000X1000 PORCELAIN TILES9.00 mm2402
800x1200 PORCELAIN TILES9.00 mm2401.92
200x1200 PORCELAIN TILES9.50 mm5261.2
300x1200 PORCELAIN TILES10.00 mm4311.44
800x1600 PORCELAIN TILES9.00 mm2522.56
1200x1200 SLAB PORCELAIN9.00 mm2602.88
1200x2400 SLAB PORCELAIN9.00 mm1602.88
800x2400 SLAB PORCELAIN15.00 mm1671.92
800X3000 SALB PORCELAIN15.00 mm1862.4
800X3200 SLAB PORCELAIN15.00 mm1922.56
1600x3200 SLAB PORCELAIN15.00 mm11825.12

Beyond Glossy & Matte

Venture beyond traditional finishes with our captivating surface collection. Whether you prefer the subtle elegance of honed textures or the rustic charm of handcrafted designs, find the perfect texture to elevate your project—smooth, striated, and everything in between.

No Tile Left Behind: If We Don’t Make It, We’ll Find It.


Don't limit your desires! We offer a vast selection of tiles and collaborate with trusted manufacturers. No matter the design, size, or type, we'll find your perfect tile.

Let's discuss & enhance your tile Collection.

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